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BLOG: Everything About My Work Experience at 11K

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This blog was written by Sylvia Cai, who had work experience at 11K Consulting recently. 

I still remember the first day when I was on board at 11K Consulting. On that day, Sally gave me a fantastic opportunity to attend an exclusive high-end event in Mayfair. It gave me a vivid picture of how to hold a successful event in London, which inspired me.

I really appreciated working with Sunny Wei. She is not only a professional manager, but also a very inspirational and wise mentor, who guides and leads me the client work. Sunny is also an influential KOL, who has 20,000 of followers. Due to her influence and inspiration, I decided to open my own social media account, and I already had up to 3,000 followers across all Chinese social media platforms. I have the confidence to grow my following further.

It has been almost half a year, since I joined 11K. I have to say what I learnt is far more than I imagined before. As part of the team, I managed two social media accounts for our clients. I created at least two articles a week for them, and posted on diverse Chinese mainstream social media platforms, such as C-trip, Douban, Mafeng and Qunaer. As a PR person, I need to come up with ideas and regularly brainstormed with the 11K team to do research for our clients and then help them to raise brand awareness in China.

In addition, as I mentioned before, I gained event experience from 11K, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

In conclusion, I really appreciate and am proud that I could spend my time in 11K. Again, thanks to Sally and Sunny, my mentor and my friend as well.

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Sally Maier-Yip is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help companies build successful business with PR. She loves running her UK-Asia PR agency, 11K Consulting, which specialises in helping British clients unlock the Chinese consumer market and helping Chinese brands increase their presence in the UK. To get in touch with Sally, email her at

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