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BLOG: Mentoring Tips Shared at Publicis Groupe’s VivaWomen! Mentoring Session

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I was delighted to be invited to be one of the speed mentors, alongside other brilliant mentors, at a recent Publicis Groupe’s VivaWomen!’s speed mentoring session. I love VivaWomen!’s clear purpose: to develop and advance women within the Publicis Groupe network, with a focus on mentoring, leadership, career navigation and work-life integration.

The evening was well attended by some 70 aspiring women from Publicis Groupe network who all aspired to learn, grow and advance their careers.

During the evening, I had the pleasure to share my humble journey of how I began 11K Consulting and my learnings throughout the way, including:

  1. If you get stuck, talk to people. You never know that your guardian angel is just a mile away. You can only find him or her until you start seeking out for help actively.
  2. Everything/everyone who came across in your life happens for a reason. Even bad experiences (or bad people) happen for a good reason – as they always teach us something new or trigger us to review our values and priorities from a different perspective.
  3. Work on your network. Arguably, it is all about who you know. After acquiring all the important skills you need to excel in a job, it’s down to who you know that helps you get to the next level or win your dream job or client.
  4. Read the book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. When you know WHY you are doing what you are doing, everything makes sense and hard work does not seem to be so hard. Start with why before you decide to do anything at work and in life.



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Sally Maier-Yip is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help companies build successful business with PR. She loves running her UK-Asia PR agency, 11K Consulting, which specialises in helping British clients unlock the Chinese consumer market and helping Chinese brands increase their presence in the UK. To get in touch with Sally, email her at

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