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BLOG: Reflections on My Work Experience at 11K – Growth, Possibilities & Friendship

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This article was written by Anne, Jingxin Hu, who had three-month work experience with us at 11K Consulting recently. 

As a media and communication student, I have been working as an intern-journalist in Ningbo Television Station and London-based Xinhua News Agency for about one year. These experiences allowed me to learn ‘how to be a capable journalist’ and made both of my friends and relatives undoubtedly believe that I would choose to be a journalist in the future.

However, I had increasingly found something wrong: I began to narrow the future career path myself, and this awareness continuously led my heart staying in a nervous and yet exciting way. When I stumbled across the wok experience at 11K Consulting, I could not help myself feeling excited—-I was subconsciously aware that it was an opportunity for me to explore myself and get out of the box.  From what I can tell after 3-month work experience, it is.

Sally, Fei and Sunny were my colleagues, my teachers and my friends. They were amazing people who all have professional expertise in PR and marketing, as well as earnest and devoted manner, intensive focus on details and willingness to pay forward and give. Everytime working  with them at the office could sharpen my knowledge about ‘how efficient and effective that a team could be’.  They were always keeping their working pace in a stable but productive way, having a good impact on people unconsciously, like me.

Their devotion towards their clients also impressed me a lot. For instance, Sally, Fei and Sunny were always committed to improving the publicity of clients and making these brands well-known on Chinese social networks (as one of the channels). Everytime composing posts for our clients, we would pay great much time discussing the current features of Chinese social media and figuring out what the best way is to present our posts to have the greatest possible impact in the social media world. From them, I have learnt that it is not only what we do for our clients, but what clients can gain from our work that matters.

Great sensitiveness and enthusiasm to PR industry was another character that they showed me. We had regular internal meetings every Monday and during which time we often did brain-storms to create some novel ideas. These were the most exciting moments for me to learn—-for Sally, Fei and Sunny could come up with ideas just in seconds, and made final decisions after an effective discussion in minutes. More importantly, their ideas ranged broadly from media strategy to market analysis, which surprised me in the very beginning and pushed me to learn more afterwards.

Being a member of their team made me proud. But as PR was a total stranger to me, I did encounter a few difficulties and challenges initially, and also made some mistakes. Luckily, they all encouraged me and gave me time and space to reflect and to improve, which, is still what I much appreciate till now.

After this 3-month work experience, I have become more confident and more sociable. The knowledge gained from this experience deepens my understanding towards media and communication study, and broadens my eyes discovering new possibilities of my future.

Many thanks to Sally, Fei and Sunny. I look forward to seeing 11K grow from strength to strength!


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Sally Maier-Yip is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help companies build successful business with PR. She loves running her UK-Asia PR agency, 11K Consulting, which specialises in helping British clients unlock the Chinese consumer market and helping Chinese brands increase their presence in the UK. To get in touch with Sally, email her at

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