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BLOG: What I’ve Learnt From Kim Kiyosaki At Women Achievers Congress

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Thanks to my thoughtful client, I had a great honour to attend Women Achievers Congress 2015 with Rich Woman Kim Kiyosaki, wife of the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, as the keynote speaker in London today.

It was my first time to attend this kind of motivational conferences and I did not have any expectation or comparison.

As a business owner, an entrepreneur, a learner, I was glad that I came along and learnt so much amongst some 1,000 attendees (mostly women) in the room within a few hours.

Today’s speakers included Kim Kiyosaki, Lisa Lannon, Ceil Stanfod and Ronda Jaggers. They all run their businesses successfully after undergoing through lots of ups and downs.

The key outtakes for me are:

  • “Every business must have a purpose.” But it’s OK that we don’t know our true purpose as long as we’re in motion to walk towards our goal.
  • “Intention directs your attention.” Be careful with what we wish for.
  • “The success is not about the business, the success is about you.”
  • “It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” Values are a set of internal references that serve as broad guidelines in all situations.
  • “The basic of life and love is your presence.” When we are 100% present with the other person, we are truly giving our life, our love.
  • The best investment for you is Y-O-U.
  • “The more we work on yourself, the more successful your business will be.” Personal and business developments are intertwined. When business grows, we also need to work on our own personal strength.
  • “When you lose dream, you lose the momentum for life.”

During the conference, we’re asked to write down our biggest wins, happiness, and proudest moments as well as our failures and setbacks – which would then help us define our core values.

At this stage of life, my core values are:

  • Services/helping others: being able to give and help others makes me truly happy. I love mentoring.
  • Relationship: I deeply value about my relationship with people whom I care about. I surround with people who want to get better and who lift me higher. I avoid hanging out with negative people.
  • Integrity: I always refer to this during my decision-making process. If something doesn’t have the basic level of integrity or ethics, it is not worth helping or doing regardless of any potential huge returns.
  • Confidence or be myself: When I am myself, I feel good, I am at peace, I am at home. This also brings self-confidence naturally.

This simple exercise also reminded me of my life mission: to be a positive force for people around me. That’s my mission in life and at work.

Above and beyond, action is key. Without action, all the wisdom means nothing.

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