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I am delighted to share my views on “What it takes to be a great PR mentor” on, a leading PR online magazine in the UK. My views are based on my experience of being a mentor of a few young talents at work and at my Toastmasters (public speaking) club over the past few years.

From Sally Maier-Yip, managing director of marketing agency 11K Consulting:

  • Make it personal. “Having a good understanding of the personality, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and fears of my mentees is fundamental to the success of our mentoring relationship.”
  • Empower your mentee. “Being a mentor does not mean that I am ‘better’ than my mentees. But it means that I am given the trust to empower my mentees to be better at work (and in life). As a mentor, I have usually already gone through the journey that my mentees are going to embark on, and hence sharing the lessons learnt from my past experiences can help empower my mentees to have the courage required to face their upcoming challenges.
  • Stay in touch. “Successful mentoring must be a regular relationship. I have been a mentee myself before becoming a mentor and I found regular communication with my mentor is critical to help me ensure that I am progressing towards my goals with the guidance of a trusted mentor who gives me constructive feedback on a regular basis such as once a month.”

What are your views?

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Sally Maier-Yip is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help companies build successful business with PR. She loves running her UK-Asia PR agency, 11K Consulting, which specialises in helping British clients unlock the Chinese consumer market and helping Chinese brands increase their presence in the UK. To get in touch with Sally, email her at

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