Digital Marketing in East & West

At 11K, we have a specialised digital team to create powerful, personalised digital marketing strategy for clients. Combined with our PR background, we truly understand why digital marketing is no longer search engine optimisation (SEO) versus social media optimisation (SMO). It is about being able to communicate brand messaging clearly to target audiences.

We provide the following services to enable clients in the complex digital world:

  • Creating meaningful, memorable content for the online community.
  • Building powerful websites in local languages to communicate brand messaging effectively.
  • Increasing brand’s online visibility through strategic SEO.
  • Creating and managing social media platforms on behalf of clients, including: WeChat and Weibo.
  • Creating online/viral campaigns to engage customers and drive sales ultimately.
  • Monitoring online conversations to protect brand reputation.
  • Measuring the results of the digital programme against a set of deliverables.


Case study:
We are currently helping Burlington Arcade, a true luxury landmark in London housing over 40 specialist shops and designer brands, to raise its brand awareness in Asia and China by providing a comprehensive PR and digital marketing campaign.

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