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On Inside the Mind of a Second-generation Chinese Family Business Leader – Ryan Li

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Today we are super excited to announce a new China Masterclass Webinar with Ryan Li, CEO, Dere Street Capital and Founder, Sino British Summit, who is a rising star in driving innovative entrepreneurship and leadership in the Chinese-British business community.


Inside the mind of a second-generation Chinese family business leader

Ryan is in his early 20s, but has already achieved so many amazing things, including founding a charitable fund when he was 16 years old, founding the Sino-British Summit when he was only 20 years old. More recently, Ryan set up his own Venture Capital firm, Dere Street Capital, to help companies in the West to raise funds in China and help Chinese firms go global through joint ventures and strategic investments.

Ryan comes from an extraordinary family. His family has been on the Hurun Report Rich List, equivalent to the Forbes China Rich List in the West, for the past 20 years, owning a number listed companies with operations in China, Hong Kong, US, UK and Africa. 

Asked questions – On education in the UK, Ryan Li Charitable Fund, Dere Street Capital, media consumption habits, fun, success and failure, and opportunities for Europe/the West in relation to China in the new Covid-19 world:

  1. Your parents sent you to the UK (Scotland, in fact) at the age of 12. Why did they choose the UK as opposed to the USA, Australia or Canada?
  1. At the age of 16, you founded the Ryan Li Charitable Fund. Not many teenage boys are interested in philanthropy. So what led you to do this? And how do you see your charitable activities developing over the years?
  2. You set up Dere Street Capital earlier this year. What was your motivation for doing this? What is the gap that you are trying to fill?
  3. You must get approached by a lot of people all the time, trying to sell things to you or asking you to invest in projects. What approaches are more likely to work with you? What approaches are less likely to work? Can you give recent examples?  
  4. What do you do for fun?
  5. What publications or media channels do you read or watch?
  6. If you fast forward your life to you at the age of 80, how do you want people to describe your life?
  7. Your family already has more wealth than most people can imagine. What would make you feel like your life was a ‘success?”
  1. What would make you feel like your life was a ‘failure’?
  2. What do you see as the biggest opportunities now for UK / European business in relation to China, especially in the light of the coronavirus outbreak?

We hope you enjoy this webinar and please do share your thoughts with us at You can also watch our past China Masterclass Webinars on 11K’s Youtube channel.

* China Masterclass Webinar is part of 11K’s China Insights Hub initiative with a single-minded mission to educate, inform and inspire our audiences with the latest news, insights and inspirations on China. 

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