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BLOG: How to Connect with Chinese Consumers During & After Covid-19

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No tourists. No events. No big gatherings.

Because of Covid-19. 

What can brands still do to stay connected, and sell to, Chinese investors, consumers and travellers? 

Here is what we need to do. 

  • TYPE: Understand what audience types we are targeting in China.
  • INTEREST: Understand what interests them.
  • MEDIA: Understand what media they read, watch and engage in.
  • APPEAL: Understand what would make them notice your product or service. 

That deep level of understanding of the Chinese market is what keeps 99% of Western companies out of China. But that knowledge, is your opportunity.

Here are a few practical solutions for you:

(1) First, Messaging

Make sure your PR messaging is relevant to your customers in the new normal, but still stick to your core brand values, which should stand the test of times. It’s still you, despite the Covid-19. People have this sense of togetherness and want to be connected with each other and do things together more than ever.  

(2) Second, Online PR

You can still build or enhance your brand reputation and thought leadership, through powerful online media platforms, that are well- trusted by your customers. For example, we have successfully secured our clients to be a Forbes China’s columnist, be an awards judge and contribute their expert views on tier-one Chinese media in your industry.  

(3) Third, Social Media Marketing

Make sure you are on the right Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat (China’s Super-App), Weibo (China’s Twitter) or the Little Red Book (China’s Instagram). Start engaging with those key online social media or business influencers. You don’t need to pay ridiculous money on these influencers but really focus on those smaller but targeted influencers who can help you build your brand awareness. If you are a hospitality or retail brand in the UK, start engaging with those smaller influencers based in the UK, before reaching out to those in China. 

(4) Fourth, Partnership

Use this time to build meaningful relationships with your key partners virtually, such as personal shoppers; companies that serve those Chinese high net worth individuals, such as private bankers, family offices, and education firms; travel agencies; and various Chinese business or cultural associations. You will be surprised that so many people are generally willing to help and collaborate these days. Reach out to people. Build or strengthen relationships. 

Brands that go deeper and harder during this unusual time will definitely win the market shares, and also share of voice, in the long term. 

So stay visible. Stay connected. Stay ahead of the game. 

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Sally Maier-Yip is the MD and Founder at 11K. She is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help ambitious companies grow in China, Hong Kong and the UK.

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