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BLOG: Key Facts & Stats on 800 Million Chinese Netizens

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Yesterday I attended a “Secrets to Successfully Connect Your Brand to 800 Million Chinese Netizens” workshop at WeWork Paddington and found the presentation by David Ip, GM of 360 Global Advertising Unit, extremely insightful. I have listed some of the key facts and statistics about Chinese Netizens below for reference, if interested.

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Growing consumption power in China

  • China citizen’s disapsable incomein the first half of 2016: RMW11,886, increased by 6.5% YoY
  • Total retail sales of consumers goods in Jan – May 2016: RMB12,928 billion, increased by 10.2% YoY

What to concern when entering to China’s Internet

  • Only 55% UK e-Commerce sites offer delivery to China
  • Only 10% UK e-Commerce sites offer Simplified Chinese shopping experience
  • Only 22% UK e-Commerce offer Chinese local payment methods

China’s e-Commerce market size in 2016

  • £706 billion in total
  • £67 billion cross-border e-Commerce market size
  • 25% of UK e-Commerce’s cross-border sales is from China

Top 5 items preferred by Chinese online shoppers

  • Clothing 94%
  • Gadgets 82%
  • Furniture 74%
  • Home appliances and office equipment 71%
  • Commodity 62%

When do China’s netizens have higher demand for UK e-Commerce? Who are they?

  • End of June to early July AND End of November
  • Most are women aged from 19 – 34 from Guangdong and Beijing

When do China’s tourists look for “travel to UK”? Who are they?

  • End of June to early July AND early October
  • Most are aged from 19 – 34 from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang
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