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BLOG: Speaker at IoDCity’s Young Executives Event & RetailWeek Connect

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I was delighted to be invited to speak at two important events this week.

(1) IoDCity’s Young Executives Special Interest Group – on Entrepreneurship in the City @Guidhall on 3rd December

I shared my own experience and views on how entrepreneurs can make use of the IoDCity as an institution, a people institution, to help them grow their businesses or careers (even if you are an employee):

  • Build Connections.
  • Build Relationships.
  • Build Knowledge.

The event was attended by some 65 IoD fellow members, entrepreneurs and executives in the city. It has been a truly pleasant experience for me to be an IoDCity’s active member and a committee member of the IoDCity’s Young Executives Special Interest Group over the past four years. If you want to learn more about what IoDCity has to offer, visit

(2) RetailWeek Connect – on Chinese influencers marketing @The Bulgari Hotel on 5th December 

I was invited to join a panel discussion on “Chinese marketing: How to work with Chinese influencers and advocates” with other prominent speakers from and Yext at the RetailWeek Connect’s China workshop for some 35 UK retailers. I shared my views on a variety of topics including:

  • China has a completely different set of social platforms compared to the UK, such as WeChat and Weibo. Can you tell our audience a bit about how they work and how Chinese consumers interact with them?
  • Some of these social networks are closed – similar to What’sApp here in the UK. If your customers are having closed conversations – how do you get involved there without intruding?
  • Sally: you’ve worked with UK retailers trying to attract Chinese consumers here in London. What have they done differently?
  • How can UK retailers use key opinion leaders in China to attract Chinese shoppers when they come to visit?


If you are interested in learning more about the above, please feel free to contact me at Very happy to discuss and advise.


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Sally Maier-Yip is the MD and Founder at 11K. She is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help ambitious companies grow in China, Hong Kong and the UK.

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