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BLOG: Summary of 11K’s Insights at China-Britain Trade Expo – on China & PR

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It was an absolute pleasure to speak about what inspired me to start my business 11K Consulting, my single top tip on doing business with China and my views on the future of PR in relation to China at the third annual China-Britain Trade Expo ( in London on 26th January. 

Here’s a summary of my sharing:

(1) On doing business with China

My single top tip:  Do LOTS and LOTS of favours when you do business with China (and the wider Asia). Be nice. Be helpful. “講心不講金” (“Let’s talk about heart, don’t talk about gold”) does magic. That’s how I have grown the company from 0 clients to 22 clients over the past three years. Open your heart first, and I promise, gold will follow.

(2) My views on the future of PR in relation to China  

In the Year of the Dog which will start in 3 weeks, S-P-A is the answer. At 11K, we always ensure that our work includes this magic SPA formula.

  • S stands for Speed – everyone seems to be even more time-poor than ever especially with Chinese wealthy millennials who currently represent 32 percept of the global luxury consumption. They are constantly on their 2 to 3 phones. Communications has to be fast. Speed is key. That’s why WeChat is so powerful. You can literally have a 24 hour service team online to answer your questions. You can connect with your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days. And they expect you to respond within the next hour or less. At 11K, we’ve helped brands such as Burlington Arcade and Oslo Fashion District to just do this successfully over the past few years.
  • P Stands for Personal – in a social and digital world, we actually still value and want more personal connection, personal touch, face to face interaction, personalised services to fulfil consumers desire. Don’t forget the importance of offline activities – direct sales opportunities. For all our client work, we always make sure that there’s a good mix of online and offline activities to support sales and brand awareness. For example, on Monday, we hosted a VIP dinner for Chinese private clients for a restaurant client and a few sales resulted in the next 48 hours.
  • A stands for Authority – in such a noisy marketplace, brands need to develop themselves as a market leader. It doesn’t mean you need to be boring and authoritative, but to be a trusted voice in your own field, which explains the rise of KOLs (key opinion leaders) in China. We will see more KOLs emerged in the Year of the Dog. It is about building meaningful KOL relationships. If you don’t know how to start your SPA treatment, come to talk to us!

(3) What inspired me to set up 11K Consulting  

My mission is to have many, many more hands shaken between UK and China (and Asia). I want more dialogues and deals exchanged between UK and China and Asia. I want 11K to be a catalyst to transform borders into bridges through the power of effective communications and PR, and that is our vision at 11K.


Finally, I must give my sincere thanks to the organiser Craig Kelly for inviting me to speak and also our most amazing panelists and moderator, Chun Qing Li, James Lavender and Catherine Hua Xiang. It’s very nice to meet old and new friends too.

Thank you so much for all your support! We look forward to achieving many great things together in the Year of the Dog. 

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Sally Maier-Yip is the MD and Founder at 11K. She is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help ambitious companies grow in China, Hong Kong and the UK.

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