Burlington arcade

An iconic, luxurious covered shopping arcade in Mayfair, London, in which was established 1819. The arcade has 46 boutiques and welcomes four million visitors a year.



The Brief

To start and create all necessary Chinese PR and marketing materials and campaigns from scratch

To help drive footfall from China, Hong Kong and the Chinese communities within the UK

The Challenge

Back in 2015, Burlington Arcade was largely unknown to Chinese audiences despite its fame at home. We needed to create a reason for Chinese audiences to shop and visit Burlington Arcade

Our Strategy 

Every year from 2015 to 2019, we were tasked to create an integrated China PR and marketing programme for Burlington Arcade. We started everything from scratch and developed an integrated offline and online PR programme to educate and inspire Chinese audiences as to why Burlington Arcade is a must-visit destination in London. The programme included:

  • China media relations and influencers marketing – luxury, mainstream and national press and lifestyle influencers
  • Partnerships with relevant Chinese luxury travel agencies, associations and businesses
  • Developed a mobile-friendly Chinese website which was search-engine optimised
  • Set up a WeChat account and created relevant content monthly
  • Beadle tours programme for students, HNWIs and business and lifestyle delegates from China and Asia
  • Private events for UK-based Chinese HNWIs and influencers in the summer and during Christmas and special occasions, such as “Vogue 100 at Burlington Arcade”, “Louis XIII pop-up tasting event”, etc..



Burlington Arcade gained its reputation as the must-visit shopping destination among the Chinese travellers and Chinese communities in the UK.

Notably, Burlington Arcade saw a significant 37% increase in footfall from China and Hong Kong visitors (as recorded by Global Blue), after working with us in the first nine months in 2015.



Ellen Lewis, Vice President - Retail Marketing, Burlington Arcade (former): 

“We hired 11K Consulting to drive Burlington Arcade’s brand awareness among Chinese individuals and tourists in China and UK. They have helped us build our Chinese capabilities within a very short time.


“We’ve been impressed by 11K’s high quality of work, professionalism and insights into the Chinese market and audience. We have seen a significant increase (37%) in the number of Chinese visitors at Burlington Arcade since we employed 11K.


We would recommend 11K to companies who are looking for professional China PR and digital marketing services.”


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