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CLIENT NEWS: HBA Residential Featured in China Business Times

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11K has recently secured a high-level media interview opportunity for Chris Godfrey, Global Principal of HBA Residential, with China Business Times, a leading national daily newspaper in China well-read by senior business leaders, investors, economists, and government officials at all levels.

The article talks about Chris’ mastery in design, his management philosophy, and how he defines “luxury”.

“At HBA Residential, we create what I call ‘luxury by design’.
To me, this means that true luxury in one’s home is it being
utterly personal to the customer and the physical and cultural context;
and has been ‘crafted’ through a meaningful process
and deep understanding.”
— Chris Godfrey

Asked questions:

1. How did your design concepts evolve over time?

2. When designing for luxury homes, how do you merge your design concept and the needs of your U/HNW clients?

3. Can you share two design cases that you are most proud of? 

4. What are the unique features of residential design for Chinese HNW clients?

5. What are your thoughts on leading and managing the team, and how will these experiences drive the sustainable development of the company?

HBA Residential is the world’s leading full-service boutique studio which designs exquisite homes for the world’s most distinguished individuals and developers.

Click here to read the full article in China Business Times (in Chinese).

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