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NEWS: China Masterclass Webinar with Patrick Tsang – on HK Family Office

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Today we are super excited to announce a new China Masterclass Webinar with special guest Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group, a China-focused family office headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in London and Shenzhen. Patrick is a Global Citizen, a seasoned investor and an experienced speaker. 

Inside the Mind of a Hong Kong Family Office 
and Seasoned Investor 

Born and raised in the UK with deeply-rooted Chinese heritage, Patrick leads Tsangs Group which invests globally and acts as a bridge to connect China to the rest of the world. 

The Tsangs family business was established in Hong Kong in the first half of the 1900s. Now in its fourth generation, the business is led by Patrick, who began his entrepreneurial career while still at school and his corporate career in business and law in Hong Kong in the 1990s.

Tsangs Group invests directly in special situation opportunities globally. It is sector and location agnostic and invests in a diverse range of sectors including TMT, ecommerce, financial services, FinTech, AI, robotics, IoT, clean tech, biotech, real estate, entertainment, e-sports, energy, blockchain and hospitality.

Patrick’s personal motto is ‘Anything is possible’ which he adopts not only in the way he does business but the way he leads his life. 

Questions we asked Patrick:

1. You have said that your life ethos is “Anything is Possible” and you recently launched an “Anything is Possible” interview series. Could you tell us how this ethos came about? What do you want to achieve through the interview series?

2. One of your group’s areas of focus is helping Western corporates to ‘crack China’. Can you talk us through your approach in this area – what kinds of corporates are you best able to help, and how do you structure transactions for them?

3. You also work in the other direction, i.e. helping Chinese companies acquire companies overseas. Given that information is so accessible nowadays, what is it that you add in this process? In other words, why do Chinese companies need you?

4. Imagine that you’re advising a Western business with significant scale-up potential in China. What advice would you give them as to how they should prioritise their PR efforts in China, especially in the context of recovery from the COVID outbreak?

We hope you enjoy this webinar and please do share your thoughts with us at    

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