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NEWS: Introducing 11K’s China Masterclass Webinar & Guest Speaker Susan Fang

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Here’s my 3rd selfie-video introducing 11K’s China Masterclass Webinar, in partnership with Paul Sutton, and our incredible guest speaker, Susan Fang 方顧問, Co-Founder and Director of Oxbridge Holdings.

Susan is a real pioneer and leader in her field. She leads a hugely successful education consultancy for thousands of Chinese families and students who wish to study abroad such as the UK and US over the past 20 years; and is still way ahead of the game after 20 years.

We asked Susan 4 questions during our interview:

1. You’ve been running Oxbridge Holdings for 20 years now. How did you find your Chinese customers? How do you foster long-term relationships with them?

2. If you were going to start your businesses all over again, what would you do differently in terms of building your customer base in China?

3. We saw that you’ve worked with people like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. What have you been able to apply from their teachings in your own businesses? Is there anything that they teach that hasn’t worked for you in the Chinese market?

4. Is there a “horrible” story that you could share with us?

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Sally Maier-Yip is the MD and Founder at 11K. She is a seasoned cross-cultural Public Relations Strategist with a mission to help ambitious companies grow in China, Hong Kong and the UK.

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