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BLOG: Steve Jobs’ Lessons On Business And Life

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Happy 60th birthday, Steve Jobs. You’re terribly missed by the world.

I have recently attended a few business and social events in London, and it’s no surprise that Steve Jobs was still widely cited as the source of inspiration, the role model of business and the figure of the future. Accidentally or not, I stumbled across the book “Steve Jobs’ Life by Design: Lessons to Be Learned from His Last Lecture” in a fashion store a few weeks ago.

Here are what I have learnt from Steve Jobs from all sorts of avenues:

On Business

  1. Simplicity is charity.
  2. There is no such thing as a small project.
  3. Excellence is a habit. “We are what we repeatedly do.”
  4. Foresight is problematic, but insight can become apparent when viewed with the perspective of time.
  5. Don’t go down with the Dogma ship.
  6. Do it right the first time, from start to finish.
  7. Be yourself. Don’t be another Apple.
  8. Play to win, not playing not to lose.
  9. Think like an artist to create great works of art that people will want to own and that will also stand the test of time.
  10. Thinking like a Zen master, Jobs’ plan for success was not to plan.


On Life

  1. Your time is limited. Seize the day.
  2. Cultivating curiosity for its own sake can lead to unexpected results in ways that are unforeseen – life can be delightfully serendipitous.
  3. Place your trust in life’s process, and let life run its course. In time all will become apparent.
  4. Love was what gave life meaning: a love of fulfilling work, and a love for the people closet to him.
  5. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.
  6. Don’t play the blame-and-shame game – just prove your critics wrong.
  7. You can’t find love; instead, open your heart and let it find you.
  8. Learn from your mistakes, and constantly work to improve your life.
  9. Once you have a child, your heart is forever outside your body because you are more open and sensitive to things.
  10. You never know when you’re going to go, but you are going to go pretty soon. If you’re going to leave anything behind, it’s going to be your kids, a few friends and your work.


Which one is your favourite?


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