Reaching Chinese & Asian HNWIs & Investors

We are Anglo-Chinese and have been established in the UK and China (including Hong Kong) for more than two decades. We truly understand the cultural elements of achieving successful relationships with Chinese consumers or partners. We can help you to reach and influence:

  1. Chinese high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) and investors both living in the UK, China and Hong Kong 
  2. Chinese students community in the UK
  3. Chinese business professionals in the UK
  4. Chinese and Asian luxury consumers in China, Hong Kong & the UK 

Case study: We had helped Burlington Arcade, a luxury landmark in London housing over 40 specialist shops and designer brands, to raise its brand awareness in Asia and China by providing a comprehensive Chinese PR and digital marketing campaign, for five years.

Burlington Arcade’s feedback: 
“We hired 11K Consulting to drive Burlington Arcade’s brand awareness among Chinese individuals and tourists in China and UK last year. They have helped us build our Chinese capabilities within a very short time. We’ve been hugely impressed by 11K’s high quality of work, professionalism and insights into the Chinese market and audience. We have seen a significant increase (37%) in the number of Chinese visitors at Burlington Arcade since we employed 11K. We would recommend 11K to companies who are looking for professional China PR and digital marketing services.”